Race Shoes; Picking up the Pace

Posted on Feb 27, 2015 in Blog

Hi All

I received my race shoes in the post last weekend; the most important purchase for the event if I want to avoid blisters.  Took them for test run on Saturday with my 9 year old Riley who joined me for 20km of the 30km on his bike. I also ran with my pack with its full race weight of 10 kgs and spent at least 8km of it running on the beach ……. and survived!  That’s the closest I’ve gotten so far to duplicating 1 of the six days and I felt more or less ok.


I will be getting Velcro fitted to the shoes next so that I can fit gaiters to them when in the desert to keep the sand out.

 IMG_5762 IMG_5817

There’s around 5 weeks to go now and it’s time to pick up the pace. I need to increase my weekly training to about 50km; on top of that I’ll need another 6 hours of cross trainer / cycling / rowing / weights to preserve my knees.


In the week up to the event I will be doing heat chamber training sessions at Kingston university where we try to simulate an extremely high temperature environment whilst running and cycling for an hour. 


Thanks again to everyone for supporting my charity and stay tuned.

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